Bipartisan Immigration Reform Clears Key Senate Vote!!!

The Senate took a huge step toward passing an immigration reform bill on Monday by approving a bipartisan amendment promising a border security “surge.”  The Senate is expected to pass a final bill before July 4th.
The 67-to-27 vote opened the door for a dozen or more Senate Republicans to help assure the bill’s overwhelming final passage before week’s end. Fifteen Republicans voted in favor of the measure.
The compromise amendment broke the Senate’s stalemate on immigration finding a middle way between Republican requirements of stiffer border security and Democratic demands that the path to citizenship for those in the country illegally not be delayed indefinitely. It brought a number of Republicans into the immigration reform fold and firmed up support among some conservative-leaning Democrats.
Senator Marco Rubio summed it up quite well, stating that the status quo on immigration “is hurting America,” he added. “And if nothing passes, then this disaster that we have now, that’s what’s going to stay in place.”
We cannot rest and all people that support this bipartisan reform have to continue to contact their politicians and demand immigration reform today.  We are almost halfway home.  Si se puede!

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