Donald Trump Secretly did Business with the Castro Regime!

There are lies, there are damned lies, and there’s Trump. But some lies and deceit do eventually get discovered. Below find a detailed Newsweek investigative report detailing that Donald Trump has been trying to profit from Fidel Castro’s brutal regime since the ’90s.

I am the son of a Cuban immigrant and I am an attorney and a proud American. As a Cuban-American, I am shocked and deeply disturbed that Mr. Trump could possibly seek to support a Communist regime for a profit. Considering that my family has spilled their blood at the Bay of Pigs for Cuba and this nation, I am personally deeply offended by Mr.Trump doing business with the Castro’s well before President Obama authorized recent business opportunities.

As a lawyer, this is plain and simple. Trump violated a federal law meant to bring down a communist regime. He should be prosecuted and is unfit for office upon this basis alone.

As an American that has never registered democrat, I am stunned that our country could elect such an individual as Mr. Trump. He has none the basic requisite fundamental temperament to be our Commander-In-Chief. You can be against Hillary all you want. But if you vote for Trump then you’re an ignorant fool.

Source: Newsweek