Pleading to the 5th Doesn’t Help Immigrants

Pleading to the 5th Doesn’t Help Immigrants

Today, “justice” was served when the US 5th Cir. Court of Appeals declined the federal government’s emergency request to allow DAPA to help responsible parents without papers and expand DACA to help more students get an education. Congratulations to Texas and my home State of Florida, who were against giving parents of US born kids with clean records and students who want to study a temporary relief from deportation and provide them with crazy stuff like driver’s licenses to drive legally and the ability to study!!! What’s next, letting them use those degrees? Insane. 

Today is a sad failure of the legal system. Although the ruling might actually be legally correct, let us not forget that this country’s great courts once said slaves were property and that was legal.

But it wasn’t moral. Neither is today’s ruling. Shame on those that oppose giving hardworking parents and students NOT legal status or amnesty, but a way to drive and study legally until a permanent change addressees the 11 million plus immigrants already here and those that love them. Actually, even those that don’t shouldn’t be happy about a court ruling that prevents immigrants from following the law (they can’t buy auto insurance and a tag with no license-just saying). Read on….(oh BTW, 2016 should be much better for anti-immigrant candidates-just ask Romney….

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